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Jane Ammon

Into The Light: Candi

August 2, 2015

{Listening is my gift, story telling through my art is my heart. I’m drawn to women who inspire me, listening intently as they tell me their stories. Not too long ago, I realized it was time to tell their stories, in my way, of how they found light in their lives. Thus I give you my latest personal project “Into The Light”}

“I wasn’t scared.”

She boldly stated, when telling the story of how she
walked through her journey with cancer.

Candi was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins
lymphoma type b-cell non-agressive
on New Year’s Eve 2003.
The next day,
her youngest son turned one.

Over the next eleven months she fought
the fight everyone
prays they will never have to fight.

The darkest part of the whole experience?
Having to tell her parents she had cancer.

Candi quickly discovered that laughter
truly is the best medicine.
From cracking  jokes
at inappropriate times
to taking off her wig half way
through a meal to trick a waitress,
filling her days with love and laughter
was one of her saving graces.

Though for Candi,
the true light of those days
was the realization that
life is precious
and all of the littlest moments?
Are what really matter.
She learned what
loving LIFE really is.

One day she looked around and realized:
“I’m not living, I’m merely existing.”
And in that moment,
she decided to change her outlook on life.

On August 8, 2004
she was standing in Walmart
when she got the call every
cancer fighter prays for
“You are NED.”

It’s been eleven years
and every day Candi
lives her life…
fully, out loud, without reservation,
and unafraid.
She’s alive and present.
Every. Freaking. Beautiful. Day.

Into the light: Surviving Cancer

(and she still makes jokes that make everyone laugh, daily)

I love you my dear friend,
Jane Ammon Photographer

I’ll be posting more of these incredible stories each Sunday night,
please come back for more!


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